A quien le dedico la eternidad?

Preciosa serie Argentino/Española que trata sobre la inmigración de un asturiano a Buenos Aires antes de la guerra civil del 1936 en España. Una guerra civil que forzo a muchos a dejar su terruño ( entre ellos estaban mis abuelos paternos y NO ERAN Rojos, simplemente no querían vivir bajo un dictador).  José Olaya, o Ernesto como se llama en Argentina (tomó el lugar de su hermano que murió y era el que iba a emigrar)  al  llegar a su país luego de una larga ausencia, desea morir porque se siente solo pero su segunda esposa se le aparece y le pide que no haga eso. Que a pesar de todo lo sufrido, toda la amargura le queda mucho por vivir, que no se cierre a la vida, que permita que sus hijos y sus nietos lo conozcan. Que NO TODO ESTÁ PERDIDO!

La experiencia de ese horrible huracán me a enseñado muchas cosas en tan corto tiempo. Me ha hecho comprender cuánto deseo dejar el lugar/pais que vivo actualmente, que la vida es muy corta y NO TODO debe ser el trabajo y sobretodo La hipocresía/falsedad de mucha gente y quien DE VERDAD le Importo.



The Facts Of Life

One of my favorite 80’s TV shows. This sitcom was not only funny but also dealt with serious issues like suicide, abortion, teen pregnancy, death and many others. I highly recommended.


Netflix Original Series



Thank you Netflix for all these series, especially the serie based on the life of Pope Francis from his youth, to his days during the horrors of the last military dictatorship that disappeared around 30,000 people. That airplane scene will forever be etched in my mind as a testament to how far human cruelty can go. Juana Ines proves Mexico still has excellent talent beyond silly soap operas. Regarding Stranger Things, I find October to far away and I hope we will have Eleven for many more seasons.

House M.D.

Another amazing medical drama that focused solely on the patients and the rare diseases they presented. Hugh Laurie along with the entire cast were great. This show, E.R. and St. Elsewhere are my favorite medical dramas of all times.


More 80’s Sitcoms

In this blog entry  I wrote about my favorite 80’s sitcoms.  If there is one thing  the 80’s decade had was great TV shows, especially comedies. Among other favorites are; Growing Pains, Murphy Brown, Perfect Strangers, Who’s the Boss, The Facts of Life, Kate & Allie, Empty Nest, Punky Brewster and  and Full House.  

90’s TV sitcoms

Friends was the most popular comedy of the 90’s but I was never much of a Friends fan.  I did however loved Everybody Loves Raymond, Seinfeld, the Drew Carey Show, Wings and FrasierFrasier is by far the most intelligent and well written comedy I’ve seen. Not only was the acting brilliant but the show was hilarious without being crass. Other 90’s sitcoms I liked were News Radio, Third Rock from the Sun and Mad About You.

The X Files – Season 10

I WANTED to Believe! I really did but this season was HUGELY disappointing. What a terrible season, not to mention the finale. This is NOT the show I came to know and love. From my POV Mulder and Scully did not have that magical spark/chemistry that made the show special. Perhaps it was me but they seemed bored with each other, especially Gillian Anderson. I’ll continue to love the original show and  watch my favorite episodes but that is it. I’m not looking forward to season 11. I think it is time to leave The X Files alone, for me the magic is gone.

This is how this season left me feeling . xf.jpg



By far the best Medical Drama I’ve seen on TV since St Elsewhere.  NBC was once must see TV Thursday nights, now it feels like it is Must MISS TV. This show had something that many shows today lack and that is humanity along with Superb acting. As much as I loved this show I stopped watching after season 8 when Mark died and most the original cast had already departed. I watched a few episodes of season 9 but it didn’t feel the same because with Mark Greene gone it seemed the heart and soul of the show went with him.  There are plenty of so called Medical dramas today that look more like soap operas (Grey’s Anatomy, Chicago MD) and I know  this  amazing would surely give them a run for their money.