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Over Exposure of Young Celebrities

Goodness talk about being over hyped?!  This young actress (Millie B. Brown) has been so over exposed in less than one year since the Netflix Series came out last summer (Stranger Things) it’s no wonder many people are finding her now overbearing, full of herself and obsessed with fame. I’ve read comments as far as some saying they hate her, that’s taking it too far for me. Nonetheless, I have to agree fame has certainly given her and some of her co-actors a very big head. Seeing her face plastered everywhere has been a HUGE turn off. I don’t hate her, I WOULD NOT waste my time or life hating someone, especially a kid, but I can’t say I like her either.

Netflix Original Series



Thank you Netflix for all these series, especially the serie based on the life of Pope Francis from his youth, to his days during the horrors of the last military dictatorship that disappeared around 30,000 people. That airplane scene will forever be etched in my mind as a testament to how far human cruelty can go. Juana Ines proves Mexico still has excellent talent beyond silly soap operas. Regarding Stranger Things, I find October to far away and I hope we will have Eleven for many more seasons.