Nature Relaxing Sounds

I use to listen to nature sounds cds and youtube videos a lot when I was an undergrad and a graduate student. They worked for me and they helped me concentrate better, not only were they relaxing but I actually performed better in examinations. My favorites are dolphin and whale sounds.  I use it now to help me with  insomnia  bc unfortunately I’m going through another bout of sleepless nights and thus far this has been the only thing that has proven effective even if I’m unable to sleep the entire night.


Nature is  my Higher Power.  I’ve mentioned before how turned off I am by Christianity but in reality I have an aversion for any form of organized religion whether is Christian or not.  As I get older I think it is more important to believe in oneself and  religion should not be a requisite to send a prayer or a blessing out into the world.  I have faith in Nature and I try very hard to have faith in myself.