Opposites Attract

From my personal experience the Answer is a RESOUNDING YES!!!!!



Positive Vibes

Talk about having a president that brings out the worst in me and in many people it seems. Tired of TOXIC PEOPLE, Tired of INTOLERANCE and BIGOTRY. Nature intended for us to be DIVERSE and RESPECT Each Other, not to kill each other and Belief that ONE RACE is Superior than another. PEACE!!! 

Strong Women

Here is to strong women Everywhere!  May we know them, may we BE them and Race them if we have daughters. My biggest aspiration is to be the strongest woman I can be. I’m not talking about being a feminist but about knowing that not having a partner does not make one incomplete or useless as society would have us believe. Of course I want someone special to share my life with but if he doesn’t come around I’m not going to sit by and let my dreams go by, especially my dreams of motherhood. If he’s out there and I meet him at some point great and if not great too. My self-worth DOES NOT depend on having a man or being married, in other words living according to society standards.