Vegetarian Or Vegan

Vegetarianism wins!!! I have Nothing against a vegan lifestyle or veganism but I can’t do it, it’s not for me. The vegan cheese, ice cream, all tasted bland for me, plus it was quite expensive for my pocket and mine don’t run deep. I also found myself more tired than usual and my hemoglobin was a bit on the low side when I got my lab results.  I’m sticking to a vegetarian diet, it has worked for me since I was a young teenager and I plan to keep it that way.


Vegan or Vegetarian

I am so torn between going vegan or staying vegetarian. Truth be told the ONLY things keeping me vegetarian are skim milk and the rare occasions I eat cheese and eggs, and if I do eat eggs they have to be organic. My allergies (severe Urticaria/hives) have gotten worse with time. Why? I honestly don’t know. 😦 Most of the foods I eat are organic and since I’m allergic to nuts, fish and crustaceans (lobster, shrimps, oysters etc…) I haven’t eaten those since I was a child. I am going to try a vegan diet and try to drink coconut milk instead ( I don’t like soy milk). On the downside, a lot of the vegan recipes I’ve found online contain almonds or some type of nut.  I’ll try it and update the progress in about a month.

Visit Best of Vegan, on twitter, Instagram or FB if it peaks your interest. I follow them on Twitter.