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Over Exposure of Young Celebrities

Goodness talk about being over hyped?!  This young actress (Millie B. Brown) has been so over exposed in less than one year since the Netflix Series came out last summer (Stranger Things) it’s no wonder many people are finding her now overbearing, full of herself and obsessed with fame. I’ve read comments as far as some saying they hate her, that’s taking it too far for me. Nonetheless, I have to agree fame has certainly given her and some of her co-actors a very big head. Seeing her face plastered everywhere has been a HUGE turn off. I don’t hate her, I WOULD NOT waste my time or life hating someone, especially a kid, but I can’t say I like her either.

Celebrity Obsession

“The question is: Why? Why are we so determined to worship at the altar of celebrity? Why are we so desperate to turn men into gods?”  This is a question  posted in this article and it’s also a question I’ve been asking myself for many years now. It’s ok to like celebrities and enjoy their work but it becomes unhealthy when we worship them as demigods.  In this obsessed social media world I think we should stop and take stock of our lives instead of trying to live vicariously through famous people. Something’s very wrong with society if we seek fame out of anything in life today.

One prime example of taking obsession too far is the hottest show of the moment; Stranger Things. I literally STOPPED looking up information about the show or the costars because of how creepy and obsessed a lot fans have become. Instagram and Twitter is filled with them and what’s more disturbing is that most of these fans are under age and by under age I mean between the ages of 12-14 years old. I’m grateful I stopped looking up info on Instagram and on Twitter and most of all I’m more than glad I missed the hype surrounding this show. It’s a wonderful show and the first season was great and I wonder just how much can the second season live up to the first one. We need to find ways to end this ridiculous obsession we have not only with celebrities but with social media itself.

Vientos de Agua

Sublime mini teleserie creada por el talentoso director argentino Juan José Campanella. Majestuosamente actuada por un reparto de primera que incluye; Héctor Alterio, Ernesto Alterio, Eduardo Blanco, Pablo Rago y Guilia Michellini. Trata sobre la llegada de unos inmigrantes a la Argentina en  la década de los 30. Una serie sublime y una de las mejores que he visto en mi vida. También tiene una banda sonora de alta calidad compuesta por el compositor Argentino Emilio Kauderer. Demasiada programación chatarra hoy dia en la television y tambien por internet. Hace mucha falta programas y teleseries que tengan un alto contenido y sean menos vacíos y superficiales.

House M.D.

Another amazing medical drama that focused solely on the patients and the rare diseases they presented. Hugh Laurie along with the entire cast were great. This show, E.R. and St. Elsewhere are my favorite medical dramas of all times.


More 80’s Sitcoms

In this blog entry  I wrote about my favorite 80’s sitcoms.  If there is one thing  the 80’s decade had was great TV shows, especially comedies. Among other favorites are; Growing Pains, Murphy Brown, Perfect Strangers, Who’s the Boss, The Facts of Life, Kate & Allie, Empty Nest, Punky Brewster and  and Full House.  

90’s TV sitcoms

Friends was the most popular comedy of the 90’s but I was never much of a Friends fan.  I did however loved Everybody Loves Raymond, Seinfeld, the Drew Carey Show, Wings and FrasierFrasier is by far the most intelligent and well written comedy I’ve seen. Not only was the acting brilliant but the show was hilarious without being crass. Other 90’s sitcoms I liked were News Radio, Third Rock from the Sun and Mad About You.