Buddhist Quotes (2)

Possibly the Most Peaceful religion in the planet.  I’m not religious but I like their way of life and how they respect all living things (sorry but I  kill insects LOL) and adhere to a vegetarian diet. They also have beautiful chants, prayers and sayings.


Irish Blessings

I’ve never posted an entry on New year’s Day but these blessings are too beautiful not to share. These are lovely Irish blessings. Happy New year if anyone reads this.

Life Number: Seven

Normally I don’t really believe this kind of stuff. I usually do it for fun but this one is pretty  accurate except for the parts in bold. I’m not overly pessimistic and I DO NOT lack compassion or consideration for those that deserve it.

Life Path Number: 7

What does a Life Path Number 7 mean?

If you were born with a life path number of 7, you are the type that pays particular attention to detail. You are very analytical in your thinking. You require proof ahead of belief but are also very aware of all things spiritual from a young age. The things that you experience on a spiritual level equate with the proof you need to validate your beliefs. You have a tendency to be very philosophical; you question everything but not for the sake of argument, but rather for personal enlightenment and understanding.

In relationships, your need for self-examination transcends your ability to be vulnerable. This makes it difficult to really get to know you. You tend to come across as distant or aloof. You favor solitude over being part of a club, team or group. You cherish your alone time. These are the negative aspects of your personality because they tend to make you look antisocial. You can be very cynical and pessimistic. You can also be perceived as selfish due to your lack of consideration for others ahead of yourself. The positive aspect of all of this, though, is that while people may not be able to get close enough to know what you are thinking, when you speak, your acumen shines through. This impresses some and intimidates others.


Losing Faith

People will think I’m crazy when I say that losing faith in a religious God was possibly the most enlightening thing that has happened to me. I no longer felt that oppression I felt while growing up in a Catholic family, a family where most members unfortunately with time turned into fanatical evangelicals. It was that abrupt change that caused a rift between a lot of us and to this day they refuse to accept anyone who differs from their new found “faith”.  It wasn’t science or hard times that made my faith collapse, truth be told I was always doubtful from a very young age . I simply woke up one day and decided that it was not the path for me and that it is a belief system I personally find no comfort in and no answer to life’s problems.  It felt like a weight had been lifted and in the process I also realized that to be a good moral person a religious deity is NOT required. As I have stated before Nature is my God and my Religion. I recommend this book  for anyone who has or is experiencing something similar.

José Saramago – El Evangelio Segun Jesucristo


Este libro No es Cristiano ni pretende serlo, el autor era agnóstico o ateo. Saramago nos muestra un Jesucristo más humano que divino y místico. Algunos consideraran este libro blasfemo y sacrílego dependiendo de su fe. A mi me gusto mucho el libro y ni me considero Cristiana o Atea. Me gusta la imagen de un Jesús humano, un Jesús que le pide cuentas a Dios su Padre sobre el destino que este escogio para el. Un destino que en un momento dado él desea cambiar pero el tirano de Dios no se lo permite. Es desgarrador el final de Jesús y todo porque Dios no estaba satisfecho con ser únicamente el Dios de los hebreos. Lo vuelvo a reafirmar NO Creo en un Dios Infame, sediento de Sangre y Venganza que nos muestra la biblia. Si Dios en verdad existe lo más parecido que puede haber (al menos para mi) es la Naturaleza. Excelente libro y excelente escritor que ganó el premio Nobel en 1998.


Dear Fundamentalist and Fanatical Christians

I hope some of you are reading this even if you don’t leave a comment in passing. For the hundredth time please understand that NOT all of us mere mortals need religion, in this particular case Christianity to be good and decent human beings. We don’t need to be saved and also NOT all of us who refuse Christianity and being “saved” by Jesus are atheist. I do not consider myself one, I see the beauty of nature and that is enough for me to believe in it (it being Nature). I have stress this subject in this blog to the point of exhaustion, nonetheless this is my blog and I will write what I want. Suffice to say don’t read anything if it’s not to your liking.

 Buddhism  and Buddhist Prayers

I wish people would realize that not only  organized religions have beautiful prayers or live by a moral code. I find Pagan, Buddhist and Native American beliefs and prayers to be more tolerant and more peace loving.  I’m constantly learning that being Spiritual is Far More Important than being “Religious”. Religion the only thing that has accomplished is to further divide people.  I’d rather be around spiritual people than intolerant zealous religious fanatics.


Native Americans

A culture I both respect and admire.  I find myself more intuned with Native American   spiritual beliefs than those of Christianity.  Native American beliefs have more to do with philosophy than religion and philosophy has more to do with Spirituality than religion does.






Spiritual versus Religion

I grew up in a Catholic home and if I’m brutally honest with myself the only reason I ever really believed as a child was because that is what I was taught from an early age.   As I got older I began to have serious doubts about religion and the concept of a suppose “benevolent” God.  A God I find vindictive, vengeful and downright arrogant. I’m Not an Atheist either, in fact I find most Atheist to be as judgemental and arrogant as the militant and fanatical Christians. I find most Christians (especially Evangelicals) to be so intolerant and judgemental. I No Longer believe and REFUSE to believe in a suppose mythical being whose Lousy excuse for the wrongs of the world is Free Will.  I believe in Nature, that is my religion and my Superior Higher Being.