Move On

It’s time to MOVE ON!! There are less than 6 months left of this year. I WILL MOVE OUT WEST in the States and as hard as it is the change, I can say I’ve had it with the east coast. I love NYC and will always have a  love/hate relationship with it, but I’m in Dire Need of a REAL CHANGE!!


Why Self-Righteousness Can Be Annoying

I wonder if people who always take the high road ever get a nose bleed. I Loath people who ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS Are willing to judge, point out other people’s mistakes and faults but NEVER admit their own.  What ever happened to being humble and admitting when you’re wrong?! Humility is the GREATEST quality a Human Being can have. I’m talking about humility NOT Fake Modesty. Two very different things.


The Simple Things in Life

Simple things, the little things in life are the ones that mostly matter to me. In an ever increasing materialistic world of Kardashians wannabes we often lose sight of how much pleasure we can gain from the small/simple things in life. I guess for today’s standards I am old fashion or over the hill when I tell people I am not seeking wealth or to have lots material possessions. Being 30 something has made me take stock of what’s important and what’s not. I WANT to leave the craziness of the city I live in. The noise and the constant rush of people is seriously beginning to get on my nerves. I WANT to own a small business of health foods, keep learning about nutrition and live someplace where green spaces are more abundant. Simple things like drinking tea, drinking a delicious cup of coffee and reading books are things I love and bring me the greatest of pleasures.