Netflix Original Series



Thank you Netflix for all these series, especially the serie based on the life of Pope Francis from his youth, to his days during the horrors of the last military dictatorship that disappeared around 30,000 people. That airplane scene will forever be etched in my mind as a testament to how far human cruelty can go. Juana Ines proves Mexico still has excellent talent beyond silly soap operas. Regarding Stranger Things, I find October to far away and I hope we will have Eleven for many more seasons.


Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz –


Hombres necios que acusáis
a la mujer sin razón,
sin ver que sois la ocasión
de lo mismo que culpáis.

Si con ansia sin igual
solicitáis su desdén,
¿por qué queréis que obren bien
si las incitáis al mal?

Combatís su resistencia
y luego con gravedad
decís que fue liviandad
lo que hizo la diligencia.

Parecer quiere el denuedo
de vuestro parecer loco
al niño que pone el coco
y luego le tiene miedo.

Queréis con presunción necia
hallar a la que buscáis,
para pretendida, Trais,
y en la posesión, Lucrecia.

¿Qué humor puede ser más raro
que el que, falto de consejo,
él mismo empaña el espejo
y siente que no esté claro?

Con el favor y el desdén
tenéis condición igual,
quejándoos, si os tratan mal,
burlándoos, si os quieren bien.

Opinión ninguna gana,
pues la que más se recata,
si no os admite, es ingrata,
y si os admite, es liviana.

Siempre tan necios andáis
que con desigual nivel
a una culpáis por cruel
y a otra por fácil culpáis.

¿Pues cómo ha de estar templada
la que vuestro amor pretende,
si la que es ingrata ofende
y la que es fácil enfada?

Mas entre el enfado y pena
que vuestro gusto refiere,
bien haya la que no os quiere
y queja enhorabuena.

Dan vuestras amantes penas
a sus libertades alas
y después de hacerlas malas
las queréis hallar muy buenas.

¿Cuál mayor culpa ha tenido
en una pasión errada:
la que cae de rogada
o el que ruega de caído?

¿O cuál es más de culpar,
aunque cualquiera mal haga:
la que peca por la paga
o el que paga por pecar?

¿Pues para qué os espantáis
de la culpa que tenéis?
Queredlas cual las hacéis
o hacedlas cual las buscáis.

Dejad de solicitar
y después con más razón
acusaréis la afición
de la que os fuere a rogar.

Bien con muchas armas fundo
que lidia vuestra arrogancia,
pues en promesa e instancia
juntáis diablo, carne y mundo.

Losing Faith

People will think I’m crazy when I say that losing faith in a religious God was possibly the most enlightening thing that has happened to me. I no longer felt that oppression I felt while growing up in a Catholic family, a family where most members unfortunately with time turned into fanatical evangelicals. It was that abrupt change that caused a rift between a lot of us and to this day they refuse to accept anyone who differs from their new found “faith”.  It wasn’t science or hard times that made my faith collapse, truth be told I was always doubtful from a very young age . I simply woke up one day and decided that it was not the path for me and that it is a belief system I personally find no comfort in and no answer to life’s problems.  It felt like a weight had been lifted and in the process I also realized that to be a good moral person a religious deity is NOT required. As I have stated before Nature is my God and my Religion. I recommend this book  for anyone who has or is experiencing something similar.

José Saramago – El Evangelio Segun Jesucristo


Este libro No es Cristiano ni pretende serlo, el autor era agnóstico o ateo. Saramago nos muestra un Jesucristo más humano que divino y místico. Algunos consideraran este libro blasfemo y sacrílego dependiendo de su fe. A mi me gusto mucho el libro y ni me considero Cristiana o Atea. Me gusta la imagen de un Jesús humano, un Jesús que le pide cuentas a Dios su Padre sobre el destino que este escogio para el. Un destino que en un momento dado él desea cambiar pero el tirano de Dios no se lo permite. Es desgarrador el final de Jesús y todo porque Dios no estaba satisfecho con ser únicamente el Dios de los hebreos. Lo vuelvo a reafirmar NO Creo en un Dios Infame, sediento de Sangre y Venganza que nos muestra la biblia. Si Dios en verdad existe lo más parecido que puede haber (al menos para mi) es la Naturaleza. Excelente libro y excelente escritor que ganó el premio Nobel en 1998.


Dear Fundamentalist and Fanatical Christians

I hope some of you are reading this even if you don’t leave a comment in passing. For the hundredth time please understand that NOT all of us mere mortals need religion, in this particular case Christianity to be good and decent human beings. We don’t need to be saved and also NOT all of us who refuse Christianity and being “saved” by Jesus are atheist. I do not consider myself one, I see the beauty of nature and that is enough for me to believe in it (it being Nature). I have stress this subject in this blog to the point of exhaustion, nonetheless this is my blog and I will write what I want. Suffice to say don’t read anything if it’s not to your liking.

Extremism & Radicalism

Everyone is now concentrating on Islamic extremism but nothing is said  about Christian Radicalism/Extremism.  Nothing is said how the Evangelical movement  for decades has been driving this country on a downward spiral with its preaching of intolerance and hatred. Is it any wonder the younger generations are so turned off by organized religion and politicians?! I am HUGELY frustrated about how this country seems to be more divided than ever. I am Sick and Tired of these Fake people ( if they can even be called people) hiding behind a veil of Christian Hypocrisy in order to judge, criticize and condemn anyone as  devil worshippers simply because they don’t follow their ludicrous beliefs. No wonder Agnosticism and Atheism are growing worldwide. Loads of people around the world, myself included, are Tired of the Intolerance and the Hypocrisy. Enough of this!!


Terrific film!!  I loved the Danish Girl but Spotlight is by far the best of the two.  The movie is based on real life events that occurred in Boston in 2001. A team of journalist from the Boston Globe known as Spotlight blew the whistle on the massive child molestation scandal covered up by the local Catholic Church in Boston.  There are many poignant scenes in the movie, especially when the survivors have to recount in detail what happened to them. I don’t want to give too much away but the narrative, the acting and how the story unfolds until the end will keep you interested and never bored.  I hope the film industry continues to make movies of this caliber.  It’s time for Hollywood to leave behind the inane slapstick comedies, useless action films and romantic comedies that have been overdone for too long. I applaud this film for taking a stand on such a sensitive and  controversial subject.  I know the Academy Awards is mainly a popularity contest and has very little to do with real talent but I will be very disappointed if this film is not nominated for Best film.

Another thing that caught my attention in this film was this line regarding Boston ; “This city has a way of making  you feel like you don’t belong”.  Personally I find this statement true.  The few times I visited Boston I always felt like an outsider.  I never felt that in Chicago, New York, San Francisco or LA.  It is a nice city but I don’t see myself living in a place where my ethnicity determines my value as a person.