Moving Far Away

My desire to Move Away, FAR FAR AWAY is So Strong, that is why I picked Seattle as a place to settle down. I’m tired of NYC, I’m also tired of Puerto Rico which is why I have Zero plans to go there anytime soon. I want a Fresh Start, where No One Knows me, A New Beginning. Why Seattle?  I don’t really know, I just want to be somewhere beautiful, filled with nature and above all a Place Not in the East  Coast.  I’m applying for a ton of jobs there and  if that doesn’t pan out I’ll apply to graduate school there. Time to Move ON!!! Seattle Sooner then Later I’ll be Seeing you! 


Ignoring Someone

Ignoring someone can be two sides of a coin. Either the person is so hurt beyond relief that is his or her way of letting you know how much you hurt them, of course that is if the culprit cares.  It could also mean the Person truly Doesn’t in fact care at All.

Drama Queens

You gotta Love people who LOVE Drama only to stay relevant. Why are people so enamored of Reality Trash TV??! Why do the CacaDashians (pun intended Caca means Shit in Spanish)  have more followers than the Pope?! My bad I forgot More Than Ever Shit  REALLY DOES SELL!!  



I LOVE BOOKS!!! The Outsiders is one of my favorite classics and I look forward to reading it again.  The movie is equally amazing.  A new book in my #toreadlist is Women Who Run With the Wolves. I found this book thanks to the wonderful movement of book sharing started by Actress Emma Watson.  I’ve been a book fairy for a while now.  🙂

Le Petit Prince/The Little Prince

The movie version of the Little Prince is one of the most heartfelt, beautiful and heartwarming tributes to one of the world’s most beloved classic children’s book.  I highly recommend the movie.

Think Positive Thoughts

I try my Hardest to think positive Thoughts as much as possible but living where I am is increasingly harder  when I am surrounded by Trash neighbors who are not only Nasty people with a bad reputation but also take pleasure in harming others either by name calling or making excessive noises well into the night.  I WILL BE OUT OF HERE BEFORE 2017 IS OVER!!!!