Earth Day!

Earth Day should be EVERYDAY! She is the ONLY Home we have, let’s take care of her please!


Nature Relaxing Sounds

I use to listen to nature sounds cds and youtube videos a lot when I was an undergrad and a graduate student. They worked for me and they helped me concentrate better, not only were they relaxing but I actually performed better in examinations. My favorites are dolphin and whale sounds.  I use it now to help me with  insomnia  bc unfortunately I’m going through another bout of sleepless nights and thus far this has been the only thing that has proven effective even if I’m unable to sleep the entire night.

Dear Fundamentalist and Fanatical Christians

I hope some of you are reading this even if you don’t leave a comment in passing. For the hundredth time please understand that NOT all of us mere mortals need religion, in this particular case Christianity to be good and decent human beings. We don’t need to be saved and also NOT all of us who refuse Christianity and being “saved” by Jesus are atheist. I do not consider myself one, I see the beauty of nature and that is enough for me to believe in it (it being Nature). I have stress this subject in this blog to the point of exhaustion, nonetheless this is my blog and I will write what I want. Suffice to say don’t read anything if it’s not to your liking.

The Simple Things in Life

Simple things, the little things in life are the ones that mostly matter to me. In an ever increasing materialistic world of Kardashians wannabes we often lose sight of how much pleasure we can gain from the small/simple things in life. I guess for today’s standards I am old fashion or over the hill when I tell people I am not seeking wealth or to have lots material possessions. Being 30 something has made me take stock of what’s important and what’s not. I WANT to leave the craziness of the city I live in. The noise and the constant rush of people is seriously beginning to get on my nerves. I WANT to own a small business of health foods, keep learning about nutrition and live someplace where green spaces are more abundant. Simple things like drinking tea, drinking a delicious cup of coffee and reading books are things I love and bring me the greatest of pleasures.