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Indie Rock and Indie Folk Music

Thanks to Spotify and Pandora I have discover these AMAZING Independent musicians. I have been a Huge fan of Australian indie rock band Tame Impala for a few years but I recently discover British indie folk singer Blanco White on Spotify with the Beautiful song Colder Heavens. Blanco White perfectly blends Andean music and Spanish (flamenco) guitar. You can hear the Andean influence in the song Colder Heavens and El Búho. I myself prefer Andean music over flamenco music, but the fusion of the two sounds incredible.  Another great discovery was the band Imaginary Future. 

The Lumineers

There aren’t many bands or musicians I like nowadays but this band called The Lumineers are amazing. They mostly sing folk music and their style is reminiscent of the likes of James Taylor and a little bit Van Morrison.



Autumn is my favorite season of the year. There is nothing more beautiful then seeing the leaves change colors and spread the earth like a blanket, hence why they call it fall.