I Walk Away

From October until Today I had my heart invested in something, something that if truth be told brought me more heartache and disappointment, rather than happiness and joy. Until now I harbored hopes that things would change for the better but that is CLEARLY not the case. I decided to walk away for my health and for my own sanity. I can’t take this anymore! This situation (especially two ppl) has been nothing more than pure toxicity. Money, Glory and Power is NOT what I’m after, but if that’s the superficial path they want so be it.  I WALK AWAY!


Sean Famosos o gente regular la gente que se burla de otros en su cara o peor detrás de ellos cuando no están ahí para defenderse son un ASCO!! Tan Basura y tan Podrida tienen la mente y Tan VACÍA son sus vidas que no tienen algo mas productivo qué hacer? Les hace sentir mejor persona? porque pienso lo contrario los hace ver como una Piltrafa que no tienen nada mejor que hacer con su vida y su tiempo. UN AMIGO DE VERDAD JAMÁS SE BURLARA DE TI!

Dealing with Rotten People

Dealing with people you don’t like has got to be one of  life’s biggest  hurdles. Having them as neighbors or as coworkers can turn a person’s life into a living hell. I don’t care what “self- help” gurus say, we are human and there is Only so Much One Can Take. I’ve been in situations like this and ignoring it or “dealing” with it can take its toll. The best thing to do is to set limits from the start if you see things are going in that direction. Setting limits and keeping distance is the BEST solution before things get out of hand. I had to learn this the hard way. If anyone is going through something like this and unfortunately things have gotten out of control, all I can say is I feel you and my advice is to WALK AWAY!  People like this are not WORTH IT!

Negative People

I consider myself a realist, I’m not a pollyanna and I’m not a constant downer but there are some people who literally drain the energy out of others. Having clinical Depression DOES NOT give a person the right to treat others with disrespect and pour their misery onto others. I have seen people like this in my own family. I understand living with depression is not easy, nonetheless, that does not give the person permission to aggravate others and use their condition as an excuse. If you are dissatisfied with your life, if you blame others for what has happened that is NO ONE’S fault. To this person I’d say take responsibility for your own choices and STOP blaming others for the past. I’ve had ENOUGH of people who are overwhelmingly negative and dumped their BS onto others. I don’t want people like that ANY LONGER in my life and I will do my Darndest to Avoid them. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!