Instagram Bad for Mental Health

I don’t have FB and up until yesterday I decided that Instagram just wasn’t for me. I barely used it and when I did it was filled with toxicity and overwhelming negativity. I love books, I’m a bookworm for LIFE which is why I opened an account in the first place. Nonetheless, even books accounts began to turn me off and Yes started to make me feel depressed. I mainly posted about books that I love and/or plan to read but when I saw that most books accounts I was following  or wanted to follow me were more about the people showing of their “sexy” feet, face or clothes rather than showing the book and talking about the book itself I began to dislike it. Few of the accounts I followed were actually about “books”, they were mainly about how the account owner wanted to show her or his “hotness” by using a book cover, rarely did they give content on the book they used. The Few Accounts Like mine that actually discussed the books and ONLY showed the book cover  had few followers, I kept loosing followers so I closed it. I know it is a Stupid reason but I got tired of it. This Social Network is Mainly For the  Narcissist.  I have a JOB, a REAL LIFE that doesn’t allow me to post fancy pictures and have my books arrange in a fancy way surrounded by perfectly manicure feet or hands or the use of expensive China. Pardon if my simple post of a book cover and a lengthy review of it is not to your liking Instagram Followers.

Another reason is a fandom I use belong to (never mind which one).  It started out as fun, as an escaped from real life once in a while but it quickly turned so TOXIC and PUTRID I left it if I wanted to keep my sanity and well being (what’s left of it). It made me so depressed and it makes me feel a bit ashamed to say I got quite emotionally involved. The cast members (mostly the leads) started themselves creating Ridiculous Drama within the fandom. To make matters worse The Majority of the Fans Are Annoying, Vindictive, Negative and Overly Toxic themselves, and to my surprise it includes plenty of older adults. I am So TURNED OFF by its OVER HYPED, OVER THE TOP Leads and Toxic Fandom that I Have decided not to Watch its New Season and give it up for good.

To Back up My claim I found two articles that proves How Instagram rated as The Worst Social Media Network.  This one was made by the Prestigious United Kingdom’s Royal Society for Public Health.  Another gives 13 reasons why IG is bad for mental health.




I agree with this blogger; “It can also increase the feeling of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) , and it paints a very superficial & curated version of someone’s life.  Note to all: Instagram is NOT real life. People go to the greatest lengths to take the perfect picture.”




Family Is Not Always Blood

I’ve written about this before and the passage of time has only reinforced my believe in the saying used as my title. Now an Unshakable Affirmation that Not All Families have your best interest at heart, and  distance and  no communication of any kind is the best way to heal.



I was bullied at school at times when I was a kid but unlike others I fought back and had my behind sent to the principal’s office for trying to stand up for myself.  At times it felt like a “damn if you do, dam if you don’t” situation.  If someone is bullying you be it at school, work or in social media please TELL SOMEONE! ANYONE THAT BULLIES IS ALREADY BELOW YOU!!!  

Giving Up On Something/Someone

Here is why I’ve NEVER liked the phrase “Never Give Up”  because it is more than Obvious to me that the people who over use this phrase have perhaps NEVER in their Lives been through a serious heartbreak, painful life changing situations or have Zero empathy for what other people have been through. It’s NOT about “Giving UP”, it’s about Reality hitting you and hitting you hard. Staring you right in the face and silently yet screaming on the inside; “It’s NOT going to Happen, give it up for your own good”. So you see, it’s NOT about “Giving Up” it’s about learning when you’ve had it enough and when something no matter how much you wanted will most likely not happen. So for me a certain ship, time has sailed. Time to Move on, STOP harboring hopes for it and let it go, no matter how excruciatingly painful the process may be. They say if something is meant to be it will happen naturally no matter what. This is Absolutely 100% true, but alas I’m moving on from that.


I Walk Away

From October until Today I had my heart invested in something, something that if truth be told brought me more heartache and disappointment, rather than happiness and joy. Until now I harbored hopes that things would change for the better but that is CLEARLY not the case. I decided to walk away for my health and for my own sanity. I can’t take this anymore! This situation (especially two ppl) has been nothing more than pure toxicity. Money, Glory and Power is NOT what I’m after, but if that’s the superficial path they want so be it.  I WALK AWAY!

Forgiving Versus Indifference

Personally it’s Not about forgiving or forgetting, I simply STOP Giving A SHIT and move on. I have learned not to waste my time and energy on things or people THAT DON’T DESERVE IT. I’m NOT talking about cold Indifference towards the world’s suffering, that’s entirely different.


Sean Famosos o gente regular la gente que se burla de otros en su cara o peor detrás de ellos cuando no están ahí para defenderse son un ASCO!! Tan Basura y tan Podrida tienen la mente y Tan VACÍA son sus vidas que no tienen algo mas productivo qué hacer? Les hace sentir mejor persona? porque pienso lo contrario los hace ver como una Piltrafa que no tienen nada mejor que hacer con su vida y su tiempo. UN AMIGO DE VERDAD JAMÁS SE BURLARA DE TI!