Fake is the New Wave

Fake people have existed since the beginning of time but we’ve seem to have made an art form of it and the Entertainment industry is the Place of Origin. As a saying goes; “Fake people don’t surprise me, Loyal people do”.



Ignoring Someone

Ignoring someone can be two sides of a coin. Either the person is so hurt beyond relief that is his or her way of letting you know how much you hurt them, of course that is if the culprit cares.  It could also mean the Person truly Doesn’t in fact care at All.


I was bullied at school at times when I was a kid but unlike others I fought back and had my behind sent to the principal’s office for trying to stand up for myself.  At times it felt like a “damn if you do, dam if you don’t” situation.  If someone is bullying you be it at school, work or in social media please TELL SOMEONE! ANYONE THAT BULLIES IS ALREADY BELOW YOU!!!  

Giving Up On Something/Someone

Here is why I’ve NEVER liked the phrase “Never Give Up”  because it is more than Obvious to me that the people who over use this phrase have perhaps NEVER in their Lives been through a serious heartbreak, painful life changing situations or have Zero empathy for what other people have been through. It’s NOT about “Giving UP”, it’s about Reality hitting you and hitting you hard. Staring you right in the face and silently yet screaming on the inside; “It’s NOT going to Happen, give it up for your own good”. So you see, it’s NOT about “Giving Up” it’s about learning when you’ve had it enough and when something no matter how much you wanted will most likely not happen. So for me a certain ship, time has sailed. Time to Move on, STOP harboring hopes for it and let it go, no matter how excruciatingly painful the process may be. They say if something is meant to be it will happen naturally no matter what. This is Absolutely 100% true, but alas I’m moving on from that.


Why Self-Righteousness Can Be Annoying

I wonder if people who always take the high road ever get a nose bleed. I Loath people who ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS Are willing to judge, point out other people’s mistakes and faults but NEVER admit their own.  What ever happened to being humble and admitting when you’re wrong?! Humility is the GREATEST quality a Human Being can have. I’m talking about humility NOT Fake Modesty. Two very different things.