The Age of AIDS

At the beginning of the epidemic in 1981 the mortality rate was between 40-60%.  There were more cases of mortality reported than cases of infection.  The “Aids cocktail” medications  initiated in 1995 has dramatically extended the lives of people with the AIDS virus. According to  the “monkey theory” the virus was transmitted from chimp to humans and “mutated” into the HIV virus (this being the HIV-1 virus) when humans hunted these chimpanzees and ate their meat and came into contact with their infected blood. Others believe it occurred when some chimps were used in developing a polio vaccine for humans in the late 1950’s. Among conspiracy theories the most prevalent one is that the virus was created in  a top secret military laboratory in Fort Dicks Maryland and was introduced as a hepatitis B “vaccine” for gay men in 1978.  I have more questions than answers and plenty of doubts surrounding the origins of AIDS. If this SIV virus  (Simian immunodeficiency virus)   mutated into HIV in humans, then why did this disease specifically started in the gay community??  If according to Randy Shilts book “And the Band Played On” the first case of HIV/Aids reported in the US was not a gay man but a prostitute in San Francisco in 1978 then why was this not known to the public back then??

Scientist claim this disease was wreaking havoc in  Africa before it made its way into the developed  world.  They claim AIDS  was being transmitted heterosexually in Africa for decades. Nonetheless, there is still no  explanation  of why the gay community was the first to be targeted in the developed world.  I’m slowly coming to the conclusion that we will never know the true origins of Aids.


Thus far the best film I’ve seen regarding the beginnings  of the Aids epidemic.