Vegetarian Or Vegan

Vegetarianism wins!!! I have Nothing against a vegan lifestyle or veganism but I can’t do it, it’s not for me. The vegan cheese, ice cream, all tasted bland for me, plus it was quite expensive for my pocket and mine don’t run deep. I also found myself more tired than usual and my hemoglobin was a bit on the low side when I got my lab results.  I’m sticking to a vegetarian diet, it has worked for me since I was a young teenager and I plan to keep it that way.


Documentary – The Lottery of Birth

Excellent documentary. As a woman of Science it makes me proud and gives me hope that perhaps all is not lost. I HIGHLY recommend this fantastic documentary. It urges people to question authority and not follow blindly. It also showcases how good Science is still possible in a world where the few elite holds reign.

Not long ago I got a very lucrative job offer from a highly renowned food corporation, the pay was excellent and the benefits were also great until I found out they work directly with Monsanto. Monsanto is a company I’ve grown to DESPISE due to their well known GMO (genetically modified organism) foods which I HIGHLY hold accountable for the rises in cancer since its inception in 1986. Call me pathetic, call me whatever you want, I REFUSE to work for a company that compromises my beliefs, my ethics and morality. I felt like I would have been selling my soul to the devil if I accepted that offer.  I don’t earn half of what I would have been earning there in my current position, but at least I feel at peace knowing that what I’m doing now enables me to help people or at least try to make them understand the importance of a healthy diet and how high density foods (also known as junk food) can cause many diseases which are responsible for many ailments in our society. I know organic food can be expensive, but so can junk food as well, and this type of food leads to health problems that are long term. Also, YOU DON’T need to buy Organic foods to eat healthy. Staying away from junk food and carbonated beverages and eating vegetables is a great start.

Getting back on topic, if you have Amazon prime watch this documentary. It’s very insightful and has excellent content.


Information about GMO and NON-GMO foods.





Vegan or Vegetarian

I am so torn between going vegan or staying vegetarian. Truth be told the ONLY things keeping me vegetarian are skim milk and the rare occasions I eat cheese and eggs, and if I do eat eggs they have to be organic. My allergies (severe Urticaria/hives) have gotten worse with time. Why? I honestly don’t know. 😦 Most of the foods I eat are organic and since I’m allergic to nuts, fish and crustaceans (lobster, shrimps, oysters etc…) I haven’t eaten those since I was a child. I am going to try a vegan diet and try to drink coconut milk instead ( I don’t like soy milk). On the downside, a lot of the vegan recipes I’ve found online contain almonds or some type of nut.  I’ll try it and update the progress in about a month.

Visit Best of Vegan, on twitter, Instagram or FB if it peaks your interest. I follow them on Twitter.

Eating Healthy

A lot of people without a nutritional or scientific background thing that eating healthy is synonymous with eating only organic foods and while some studies back that up, unfortunately not everyone can afford to eat strictly organic foods. In a previous post  I mentioned that there are certain foods I only consume organically and if I can’t afford them or they are not available I rather not buy them. My biggest reason for going all organic would  be because of the notorious company known as Monsanto which makes and promotes genetically modified foods as healthy. A dietitian once told me that organic does not necessarily mean NON-GMO.  I try to eat as healthy as I can and being vegetarian has helped but fact is that even if the labels say natural the ingredients usually say the opposite.

Organic Foods

There is still an ongoing debate whether organic foods are safer and or more nutritious than non-organic foods. I don’t buy everything organic because of how expensive they are, nonetheless there are certains foods I only consume organically: eggs, chocolate (drinking kind), milk, bella mushrooms, tea (any kind), tofu, honey, brown sugar and corn.