Family Is Not Always Blood

I’ve written about this before and the passage of time has only reinforced my believe in the saying used as my title. Now an Unshakable Affirmation that Not All Families have your best interest at heart, and  distance and  no communication of any kind is the best way to heal.




Family isn’t always thicker than water.  Now that I’m older I realize that just because someone is related to me that doesn’t mean I have to like them, tolerate their negativity  or even love them. I always felt so guilty for not getting along with certain people in the family that I ended up  emotionally exhausted in the process  of trying  to “get along”. Many times so called relatives are the first ones to  turn their backs when you need their help. Nonetheless, they are first in line to pass judgement and criticize. I don’t ascribe to “family is family no matter what” belief. Family or NOT I don’t want toxic people in my life and I have NO PROBLEMS with eliminating such people from my life.