Buddhist Quotes (2)

Possibly the Most Peaceful religion in the planet.  I’m not religious but I like their way of life and how they respect all living things (sorry but I  kill insects LOL) and adhere to a vegetarian diet. They also have beautiful chants, prayers and sayings.


Buddhist Quotes

I love this form of thinking. Such positive and motivational quotes.

Positive Vibes

Talk about having a president that brings out the worst in me and in many people it seems. Tired of TOXIC PEOPLE, Tired of INTOLERANCE and BIGOTRY. Nature intended for us to be DIVERSE and RESPECT Each Other, not to kill each other and Belief that ONE RACE is Superior than another. PEACE!!! 

 Buddhism  and Buddhist Prayers

I wish people would realize that not only  organized religions have beautiful prayers or live by a moral code. I find Pagan, Buddhist and Native American beliefs and prayers to be more tolerant and more peace loving.  I’m constantly learning that being Spiritual is Far More Important than being “Religious”. Religion the only thing that has accomplished is to further divide people.  I’d rather be around spiritual people than intolerant zealous religious fanatics.