The Dark Side of Social Media

What is an “influencer”?! Never heard of such a thing and I don’t care how “highly a profitable career” it may be it sounds so shallow. Attack me all you want but I find Most (Read Carefully I said Most Not all) fashion blogs shallow and superficial.  I’m more than glad I don’t have Instagram or Twitter (never had this one but heard it’s just as bad). I closed instagram a while back, it’s such a TOXIC place now, Totalitarianism at its best!!! No one can give an opinion even a respectful one bc most will rip your head off if they could with their vile toxic waste of replies. Sad that most people close their accounts or are afraid to give an opinion for fear of getting hate. Big brother is watching indeed!!!

I like the comment on this article : “Vomiting life on social media is the new trend….For me, it is all about sickness and vulgarity. I was taught privacy is privacy…And frankly speaking, I do not care what my friends did yesterday, their new jacket, pair of shoes….I am focused on the real world….real emotion…..I have no time to spend on virtuality”.


Word to the wise.  For the record I don’t hate all social media. I don’t find blogging as competitive or toxic as FB, Twitter, Tumblr or Instagram.


Goodbye New York

As much as I love this city I can’t, I just Can’t see myself living here Anymore. The gentrification is so out of hand, the ever crowded streets and trains, the rude people and above all the EVER Increasing cost of living. I can’t  take it anymore. I am applying to jobs specifically in one city and that City is ??



I don’t care if it’s rains a lot, it is still 23% cheaper than NYC and there is more nature close by, plus it’s close to Vancouver BC.