Dirty Dancing

I miss Patrick Swayze so much!! ūüė• I fell head over heels for him and the movie in general when I saw it. Of course, as a then 5 year old I wasn’t allow to see it¬† when it first came out (lol), but a few years lady I did and it has become One of my All Time favorite films!!¬† “Nobody puts Baby in a corner”¬† ūüėȬ†


I miss You Patrick and Forever Will! ūüė•


A Love life at 13 years old?!

Get the hell out of here!! The actress from stranger things is a phony.¬† Now that she is famous she blames her fans for supposedly¬† “not leaving her alone” when I have seen her plaster her obsession for that Disgusting, Fame whoring musically kid all over social media.¬† AND SAFE THE AGE EXCUSE CARD!!! She used her co star Finn Wolfhard, A TRUE Talent, to make that talent-less kid jealous?!! That is why many of her fans got pissed and rightly so, because they feel She has Become a Stuck Up Diva and very Cringy, like the trashy perverted kid she is dating. Why is she “dating” this kid????! Because his adopted family is LOADED!! And Regardless of her age, her family raises red flags and by dating a well known bully who constantly harasses his pretty fans for nudes, she lowered her standards¬† lowered than Lohan. Also this kid she’s dating, his family are Hardcore TRUMP supporters. Even actor David Harbour is expressing concern for her future because frankly it is looking very bleak right now.



Natalie Portman

One of my favorite actresses. I’ve been a fan since Leon the Professional. She’s made her share of shitty movies too, but I still love her acting and Black Swan and Jackie ¬†were also incredible. Looking forward to her future projects.

The Facts Of Life

One of my favorite 80’s TV shows. This sitcom was not only funny but also dealt with serious issues like suicide, abortion, teen pregnancy, death and many others. I highly recommended.


Netflix Original Series



Thank you Netflix for all these series, especially the serie based on the life of Pope Francis from his youth, to his days during the horrors of the last military dictatorship that disappeared around 30,000 people. That airplane scene will forever be etched in my mind as a testament to how far human cruelty can go. Juana Ines proves Mexico still has excellent talent beyond silly soap operas. Regarding Stranger Things, I find October to far away and I hope we will have Eleven for many more seasons.

Celebrity Obsession

“The question is: Why? Why are we so determined to worship at the altar of celebrity? Why are we so desperate to turn men into gods?”¬† This is¬†a question¬† posted in this article and it’s also a question I’ve been asking myself for many years now. It’s ok to like celebrities and enjoy their work but it becomes unhealthy¬†when we worship them as demigods.¬† In this obsessed social media world I think we should stop and take stock of our¬†lives¬†instead of trying to live vicariously through famous people. Something’s very wrong with society if we seek fame out of anything in life today.

One prime example of taking obsession too far is the hottest show of the moment; Stranger Things. I literally STOPPED looking up information about the show or the costars because of how creepy and obsessed a lot fans have become. Instagram and Twitter is filled with them and what’s more disturbing is that most of these fans are under age and by under age I mean between the ages of 12-14 years old. I’m grateful I stopped looking up info on Instagram and on Twitter and most of all I’m more than glad I missed the hype surrounding this show. It’s a¬†wonderful show and the first season was great and I wonder just how much can the second season live up to the first one. We need to find ways to end this ridiculous obsession we have not only with celebrities but with social media itself.

Winona Ryder

In the early 90’s she was my favorite actress. ¬†I use to be elated when people use to tell me I resembled her. ¬†I loved her ¬†in Heathers, 1969, Great Balls of Fire,¬†Mermaids, Welcome Home Roxy Carmichael, Edward Scissorhands, Bram Stocker’s Dracula, The Age of Innocence, The House of the Spirits and Little Women.¬† I hated the movies Reality Bites and the Crucible. Sometime ¬†after Little Women I stopped following her career. Now that she’s much older she seems to be making good choices once again. ¬†I still find her talented and incredibly beautiful.