The Zookeeper’s Wife

Fantastic movie!! I usually read the book before seeing a movie or see the movie and if I find it’s based on a book and I liked the film then I read the book. Jessica Chastain is one of my favorite actresses and I could not resist. Beautiful movie, incredibly well acted. I cannot wait to read the book.


Forrest Gump

I can’t believe it’s been 23 years since this movie came out. I was just a kid back then and for a while I didn’t like nor understood this movie. When I saw it for the second time in my early 20’s I still didn’t think much of it.  Years passed and when I saw it again I fell in love with it. Tom Hanks gives a heartwarming touching performance, and well deserved the Oscar he got for this role.  I love it! From the message of the movie to the incredible soundtrack. Now I consider this movie a masterpiece of American film history, right up there with ET and Star Wars. Beautiful movie!

Netflix Original Series



Thank you Netflix for all these series, especially the serie based on the life of Pope Francis from his youth, to his days during the horrors of the last military dictatorship that disappeared around 30,000 people. That airplane scene will forever be etched in my mind as a testament to how far human cruelty can go. Juana Ines proves Mexico still has excellent talent beyond silly soap operas. Regarding Stranger Things, I find October to far away and I hope we will have Eleven for many more seasons.

Celebrity Obsession

“The question is: Why? Why are we so determined to worship at the altar of celebrity? Why are we so desperate to turn men into gods?”  This is a question  posted in this article and it’s also a question I’ve been asking myself for many years now. It’s ok to like celebrities and enjoy their work but it becomes unhealthy when we worship them as demigods.  In this obsessed social media world I think we should stop and take stock of our lives instead of trying to live vicariously through famous people. Something’s very wrong with society if we seek fame out of anything in life today.

One prime example of taking obsession too far is the hottest show of the moment; Stranger Things. I literally STOPPED looking up information about the show or the costars because of how creepy and obsessed a lot fans have become. Instagram and Twitter is filled with them and what’s more disturbing is that most of these fans are under age and by under age I mean between the ages of 12-14 years old. I’m grateful I stopped looking up info on Instagram and on Twitter and most of all I’m more than glad I missed the hype surrounding this show. It’s a wonderful show and the first season was great and I wonder just how much can the second season live up to the first one. We need to find ways to end this ridiculous obsession we have not only with celebrities but with social media itself.

Olvidados (Forgotten) – Operación Cóndor

Una de las épocas más siniestras y oscuras de la reciente historia de América Latina. Cómo estadounidense se me cae la cara de VERGÜENZA al saber que el país en que nací fue el que financió semejante macabro plan para supuestamente “combatir” el comunismo en América Latina. La ahora famosa Operación Cóndor estuvo compuesta por seis países como miembros activos; Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brasil y Bolivia. Los gobiernos totalitarios sean de Derecha o de Izquierda pisotean SIEMPRE los derechos y las libertades de las personas, esto es algo que he aprendido leyendo libros y viendo películas sobre las dictaduras en latinoamérica y las dictaduras comunistas de Asia.

La pelicula boliviana Olvidados de 2014 trata especificamente sobre como se llevaron a cabo las detenciones, desapariciones y traslados de los prisioneros (o subversivos) entre los distintos países.  Un grupo de amigos (compuesto por Argentinos, Bolivianos y Chilenos) son detenidos en Chile, llevados a un centro de detención clandestino llamado Villa Grimaldi donde son Salvajemente torturados y luego son trasladados a otro centro de detención clandestino en Argentina llamado Garage Orletti.  La actuación no fue de primera pero fue bastante buena, principalmente por parte de los actores Argentinos y Chilenos. Lo que diferencia esta pelicula de otras es que demuestra la activa participación del gobierno de Estados Unidos (CIA). Esta pelicula es tal vez la más fidedigna en cuanto al abuso que recibieron los detenidos desaparecidos por parte de los verdugos. Triste realidad del continente Americano y OJALA NUNCA MAS se vuelva a repetir.

The X Files – Season 10

I WANTED to Believe! I really did but this season was HUGELY disappointing. What a terrible season, not to mention the finale. This is NOT the show I came to know and love. From my POV Mulder and Scully did not have that magical spark/chemistry that made the show special. Perhaps it was me but they seemed bored with each other, especially Gillian Anderson. I’ll continue to love the original show and  watch my favorite episodes but that is it. I’m not looking forward to season 11. I think it is time to leave The X Files alone, for me the magic is gone.

This is how this season left me feeling . xf.jpg