Baby Movies

Here are some of my favorite baby movies from the 80’s. I really miss that decade. I wish I had been a teen or a young adult in those days instead  of a baby or young tod.


Almost Famous (movie)

This movie is by Cameron Crowe. The same guy that gave us the wonderful LLoyd Dobler playing In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel for the girl  he loved, Diane Court. I don’t care for the movie he is most known for, Jerry Maguire. Nonetheless, I LOVE Almost Famous and Say Anything. I was a teen when this movie came out and I immediately bought the soundtrack which only deepened my love for classic 60’s and 70’s rock. Say Anything Also has an amazing soundtrack.

Cobra Kai (based on The Original Karate Kid)

This series looks good and it is. Sadly I have only seen two episodes because the shitty YT Red won’t make the other episodes available. My favorite Karate Kid is the original one from 1984. Love the acting, the music and ofc Ralph Macchio. 😉

UPDATE: I saw the rest of the episodes on another streaming site and it is One Incredible series. I’m looking forward to Season 2 coming out  sometime next year. Ahh! Such a long wait. :/


Dirty Dancing

I miss Patrick Swayze so much!! 😥 I fell head over heels for him and the movie in general when I saw it. Of course, as a then 5 year old I wasn’t allow to see it  when it first came out (lol), but a few years lady I did and it has become One of my All Time favorite films!!  “Nobody puts Baby in a corner”  😉 


I miss You Patrick and Forever Will! 😥