David Bowie

A wonderful musician and true artist that I will Always miss. Cliche but true, music like the olden days (pretty much before the mid 90’s) Will Always be the Best.




Classic Rock

My favorite kind of music, especially from the 70’s. For the record I don’t celebrate “Thanksgiving”, that’s something you’re supposed to do Everyday regardless of belief system. Also, I Don’t celebrate the Killing of Innocents and the taking of their LANDS!!! Only because some ASSHOLE long ago decided that being WHITE equals to being Better and allowed them the taking of land, people and properties THAT WERE NEVER YOURS TO BEGIN WITH NOR EVER WILL BE!!


Victor Jara

Gran cantautor chileno de musica folclórica chilena que fue injustamente y cruelmente asesinado por el asesino gobierno de-facto  de Augusto Pinochet en los primeros días del golpe militar en el Estadio Nacional de Santiago. Tras su INJUSTA muerte Jara se convierte en una de las victimas mas reconocidas de la dictadura Chilena y hoy día es un icono por su gran musica y desafortunadamente por su trágica muerte.

Old Music -60’s & early 70’s Rock

The Best decade in music IMO, perhaps because of the counterculture movement also known as the Hippies. There were so many great bands back then, it’s a shame we don’t have bands like these anymore. In Fairness there is still good music out there but they aren’t popular enough to get air time.

Oldies and Goodies

I firmly believe that the best decades for music ended with the mid 90’s.  I love oldies especially those from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.