Vegetarian Or Vegan

Vegetarianism wins!!! I have Nothing against a vegan lifestyle or veganism but I can’t do it, it’s not for me. The vegan cheese, ice cream, all tasted bland for me, plus it was quite expensive for my pocket and mine don’t run deep. I also found myself more tired than usual and my hemoglobin was a bit on the low side when I got my lab results.  I’m sticking to a vegetarian diet, it has worked for me since I was a young teenager and I plan to keep it that way.


Hurricane Irma

I’ve been through Hugo as a little girl and Georges as a Teenager in the island of Puerto Rico. Irma’s wrath thank goodness was not felt as strong as other Caribbean Islands that weren’t so fortunate. Nonetheless, electricity and water are still out in many places and many trees and light post fell due to the heavy wind gusts.  I expected Puerto Rico to help their fellow neighbor or brother  more and where I am ( hope to leave soon) that is NOT what I saw. I’m sure many did help one another but that wasn’t the case where I’m unfortunately stuck for now. I know this is not a case isolated to Puerto Rico only but given that I have family still here is the Only place I’m concerned with, especially because they are known for their hospitality, or better said Were known In my case. I hope this hurricane goes away and does not do any more damage. Only thing I have to thank this Monster is  for Reminding me Why I left Puerto Rico in the first place and why I won’t come back in years.