Billy Joel

One of my alltime favorite musicians.  I really want to see him in concert someday.



Sean Famosos o gente regular la gente que se burla de otros en su cara o peor detrás de ellos cuando no están ahí para defenderse son un ASCO!! Tan Basura y tan Podrida tienen la mente y Tan VACÍA son sus vidas que no tienen algo mas productivo qué hacer? Les hace sentir mejor persona? porque pienso lo contrario los hace ver como una Piltrafa que no tienen nada mejor que hacer con su vida y su tiempo. UN AMIGO DE VERDAD JAMÁS SE BURLARA DE TI!

Martin Luther King JR.

A Brilliant Man whose life was taken too soon. His message of Peace will NEVER be Forgotten for those who seek a Peaceful World, but Unfortunately we as a Country are More divided than EVER, which leads me to the Unfortunate Conclusion that Racism and Bigotry WILL NEVER FULLY GO AWAY! SAD that in the 21st century the COLOR of your Skin or your RACE matter More than how good you are as a person. I Weep and Worry for this country. 😥

Le Petit Prince/The Little Prince

The movie version of the Little Prince is one of the most heartfelt, beautiful and heartwarming tributes to one of the world’s most beloved classic children’s book.  I highly recommend the movie.