Twilight Zone

I feel like I’m living in the Twilight Zone. What is going on in this country/world? How could we have possibly chosen that MAN to be president?! I’m still Not over the shock and as I said before I am NOT a fan of Clinton either. I never cared about politics or politicians before but I was deeply, profoundly affected by these elections. For those that say Americans must stick together and not leave well I’m sorry but I’m Seriously considering emigrating to another country. Foreign friends keep telling me “don’t worry America will be fine, you’re just disappointed and blowing things a bit out of proportion”. Maybe they are right but I don’t want to stick around with this president for the next four years that could also mean four years of misery for the country and the citizens against his politics or who DON’T happen to look like his ideal type of human if you catch my drift. There is still a lot of beauty in this world and I want and WILL see most of it while I’m still able.



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