Life Number: Seven

Normally I don’t really believe this kind of stuff. I usually do it for fun but this one is pretty  accurate except for the parts in bold. I’m not overly pessimistic and I DO NOT lack compassion or consideration for those that deserve it.

Life Path Number: 7

What does a Life Path Number 7 mean?

If you were born with a life path number of 7, you are the type that pays particular attention to detail. You are very analytical in your thinking. You require proof ahead of belief but are also very aware of all things spiritual from a young age. The things that you experience on a spiritual level equate with the proof you need to validate your beliefs. You have a tendency to be very philosophical; you question everything but not for the sake of argument, but rather for personal enlightenment and understanding.

In relationships, your need for self-examination transcends your ability to be vulnerable. This makes it difficult to really get to know you. You tend to come across as distant or aloof. You favor solitude over being part of a club, team or group. You cherish your alone time. These are the negative aspects of your personality because they tend to make you look antisocial. You can be very cynical and pessimistic. You can also be perceived as selfish due to your lack of consideration for others ahead of yourself. The positive aspect of all of this, though, is that while people may not be able to get close enough to know what you are thinking, when you speak, your acumen shines through. This impresses some and intimidates others.




Siempre nos dicen que no nos debemos ilusionar con nada ni con nadie, pero es inevitable somos seres humanos y es naturaleza humana ilusionarse cuando algo nos llega bien adentro. Lo triste es cuando uno cree una cosa y era otra cara la que había. Han sido tantas las decepciones que he tenido que debería estar acostumbrada pero no lo estoy. Duele saber que lo que pensaba no era. Ni modo la vida sigue, lo mejor es alejarse de eso que nos causa tanta decepción, sea lo que sea. Ya cayo la gota que derramó el vaso, esto no es ya saludable.  Atesoro mi salud mental y emocional como para seguir decepcionandome con algo de lo cual ni tengo control ni cambiará mi vida significativamente.  AVANTI!

Think Positive Thoughts

I try my Hardest to think positive Thoughts as much as possible but living where I am is increasingly harder  when I am surrounded by Trash neighbors who are not only Nasty people with a bad reputation but also take pleasure in harming others either by name calling or making excessive noises well into the night.  I WILL BE OUT OF HERE BEFORE 2017 IS OVER!!!! 

Twilight Zone

I feel like I’m living in the Twilight Zone. What is going on in this country/world? How could we have possibly chosen that MAN to be president?! I’m still Not over the shock and as I said before I am NOT a fan of Clinton either. I never cared about politics or politicians before but I was deeply, profoundly affected by these elections. For those that say Americans must stick together and not leave well I’m sorry but I’m Seriously considering emigrating to another country. Foreign friends keep telling me “don’t worry America will be fine, you’re just disappointed and blowing things a bit out of proportion”. Maybe they are right but I don’t want to stick around with this president for the next four years that could also mean four years of misery for the country and the citizens against his politics or who DON’T happen to look like his ideal type of human if you catch my drift. There is still a lot of beauty in this world and I want and WILL see most of it while I’m still able.





Seems like all the bigots and racist gave a big turn out yesterday. Years of trying to bring this country to social and racial harmony all gone to HELL with that VERMIN as “president”. I was not a fan of Clinton either but I preferred her instead of this Buffon. This is my blog, don’t like what I say then don’t read and any comments praising that Trash will be Deleted and anyone feel free to unfollow if you don’t like what I write. I’m half Hispanic and White the very thing this vile man hates. When they say #makeamericagreatagain they really mean #letsmakeamericawhiteagain.  



One of the most beautiful qualities a human being can have. NEVER confuse false modesty with humility. Being humble is entirely different; humble people are often very simple (and by simple I don’t mean nor imply simple minded) and their genuineness and beauty comes naturally through.