Celebrity Obsession

“The question is: Why? Why are we so determined to worship at the altar of celebrity? Why are we so desperate to turn men into gods?”  This is a question  posted in this article and it’s also a question I’ve been asking myself for many years now. It’s ok to like celebrities and enjoy their work but it becomes unhealthy when we worship them as demigods.  In this obsessed social media world I think we should stop and take stock of our lives instead of trying to live vicariously through famous people. Something’s very wrong with society if we seek fame out of anything in life today.

One prime example of taking obsession too far is the hottest show of the moment; Stranger Things. I literally STOPPED looking up information about the show or the costars because of how creepy and obsessed a lot fans have become. Instagram and Twitter is filled with them and what’s more disturbing is that most of these fans are under age and by under age I mean between the ages of 12-14 years old. I’m grateful I stopped looking up info on Instagram and on Twitter and most of all I’m more than glad I missed the hype surrounding this show. It’s a wonderful show and the first season was great and I wonder just how much can the second season live up to the first one. We need to find ways to end this ridiculous obsession we have not only with celebrities but with social media itself.


Dr. Paul Farmer

A man I greatly admire and respect. I read the book about his life Mountains Beyond Mountains and wish more doctors were as dedicated as he is. He has done a lot of public health work in Latin America and in Haiti. Here is a man who took the Hippocratic oath to heart. Instead of worshipping celebrities and giving them a God like status we should admire and look up to REAL people who truly help others and are the Real heroes.

The Goldbergs

One of my favorite new comedies. It’s  not only funny but also a tribute to all things 80’s, something those of us born in that early decade can relate to. I love it.

The Lumineers

There aren’t many bands or musicians I like nowadays but this band called The Lumineers are amazing. They mostly sing folk music and their style is reminiscent of the likes of James Taylor and a little bit Van Morrison.