Losing Faith

People will think I’m crazy when I say that losing faith in a religious God was possibly the most enlightening thing that has happened to me. I no longer felt that oppression I felt while growing up in a Catholic family, a family where most members unfortunately with time turned into fanatical evangelicals. It was that abrupt change that caused a rift between a lot of us and to this day they refuse to accept anyone who differs from their new found “faith”.  It wasn’t science or hard times that made my faith collapse, truth be told I was always doubtful from a very young age . I simply woke up one day and decided that it was not the path for me and that it is a belief system I personally find no comfort in and no answer to life’s problems.  It felt like a weight had been lifted and in the process I also realized that to be a good moral person a religious deity is NOT required. As I have stated before Nature is my God and my Religion. I recommend this book  for anyone who has or is experiencing something similar.


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