Extremism & Radicalism

Everyone is now concentrating on Islamic extremism but nothing is said  about Christian Radicalism/Extremism.  Nothing is said how the Evangelical movement  for decades has been driving this country on a downward spiral with its preaching of intolerance and hatred. Is it any wonder the younger generations are so turned off by organized religion and politicians?! I am HUGELY frustrated about how this country seems to be more divided than ever. I am Sick and Tired of these Fake people ( if they can even be called people) hiding behind a veil of Christian Hypocrisy in order to judge, criticize and condemn anyone as  devil worshippers simply because they don’t follow their ludicrous beliefs. No wonder Agnosticism and Atheism are growing worldwide. Loads of people around the world, myself included, are Tired of the Intolerance and the Hypocrisy. Enough of this!!


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