Bigotry, Ignorance and Racism

I have never posted two blog entries  in a single day but this piece of news today really got to me. A Milwaukee BIGOT shot three people  at point-blank range simply because they were minorities, a Puerto Rican man who could not speak English and an Asian couple and on top of that the man allegedly constantly boasted about being a Trump supporter. I’ve never given Trump the time of day because I don’t like to waste my precious time on things and people that really don’t matter and don’t deserve it but this SWINE running for president is really doing a great job at further dividing the country and bringing out the worst in people. I am convinced that in this case the media is not exaggerating when it comes to Trump. To me he represents EVERYTHING that is wrong with this country, he’s inciting violence and condoning  bigotry and racism.  If being rude, mean and attacking people  is what this country wants for a President then America can stick TRUMP and his Thugs were the sun doesn’t shine!!! 


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