90’s TV sitcoms

Friends was the most popular comedy of the 90’s but I was never much of a Friends fan.  I did however loved Everybody Loves Raymond, Seinfeld, the Drew Carey Show, Wings and FrasierFrasier is by far the most intelligent and well written comedy I’ve seen. Not only was the acting brilliant but the show was hilarious without being crass. Other 90’s sitcoms I liked were News Radio, Third Rock from the Sun and Mad About You.


Winnie the Pooh

I miss those weekend mornings as a child when I would turn on the TV and watch the New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.  I’ve been in love with this cuddly bear since I was a little girl and no amount of aging will ever change that. 🙂


Peter Gabriel

I love Peter Gabriel.  Most of his songs carry strong messages, often of a political or social nature. He also has some of the most beautiful love songs I’ve ever heard. Mercy Street, In Your Eyes, Book of Love, Solsbury Hill, Blood of Eden are among my top favorites.

Bigotry, Ignorance and Racism

I have never posted two blog entries  in a single day but this piece of news today really got to me. A Milwaukee BIGOT shot three people  at point-blank range simply because they were minorities, a Puerto Rican man who could not speak English and an Asian couple and on top of that the man allegedly constantly boasted about being a Trump supporter. I’ve never given Trump the time of day because I don’t like to waste my precious time on things and people that really don’t matter and don’t deserve it but this SWINE running for president is really doing a great job at further dividing the country and bringing out the worst in people. I am convinced that in this case the media is not exaggerating when it comes to Trump. To me he represents EVERYTHING that is wrong with this country, he’s inciting violence and condoning  bigotry and racism.  If being rude, mean and attacking people  is what this country wants for a President then America can stick TRUMP and his Thugs were the sun doesn’t shine!!! 

 Buddhism  and Buddhist Prayers

I wish people would realize that not only  organized religions have beautiful prayers or live by a moral code. I find Pagan, Buddhist and Native American beliefs and prayers to be more tolerant and more peace loving.  I’m constantly learning that being Spiritual is Far More Important than being “Religious”. Religion the only thing that has accomplished is to further divide people.  I’d rather be around spiritual people than intolerant zealous religious fanatics.


Alfonsina Storni – Alma Desnuda

Gran Poetisa Argentina muy famosa en la década de los 20 y 30. Tuvo una vida muy triste y dificil. Muchos de sus poemas están impregnados de tristeza y angustia pero no dejan de ser hermosos.


Soy un alma desnuda en estos versos,
Alma desnuda que angustiada y sola
Va dejando sus pétalos dispersos.

Alma que puede ser una amapola,
Que puede ser un lirio, una violeta,
Un peñasco, una selva y una ola.

Alma que como el viento vaga inquieta
Y ruge cuando está sobre los mares,
Y duerme dulcemente en una grieta.

Alma que adora sobre sus altares,
Dioses que no se bajan a cegarla;
Alma que no conoce valladares.

Alma que fuera fácil dominarla
Con sólo un corazón que se partiera
Para en su sangre cálida regarla.

Alma que cuando está en la primavera
Dice al invierno que demora: vuelve,
Caiga tu nieve sobre la pradera.

Alma que cuando nieva se disuelve
En tristezas, clamando por las rosas
con que la primavera nos envuelve.

Alma que a ratos suelta mariposas
A campo abierto, sin fijar distancia,
Y les dice: libad sobre las cosas.

Alma que ha de morir de una fragancia
De un suspiro, de un verso en que se ruega,
Sin perder, a poderlo, su elegancia.

Alma que nada sabe y todo niega
Y negando lo bueno el bien propicia
Porque es negando como más se entrega.

Alma que suele haber como delicia
Palpar las almas, despreciar la huella,
Y sentir en la mano una caricia.

Alma que siempre disconforme de ella,
Como los vientos vaga, corre y gira;
Alma que sangra y sin cesar delira
Por ser el buque en marcha de la estrella.

Alfonsina y el Mar cancion de Mercedes Sosa


Downton Abbey

Brilliant show from PBS Masterpiece theater. I don’t love the show because I yearn for the kind of grand life depicted on the show, I love it because it has a great story plot, great characters and superb acting. Some people call it a soap opera or think it overly sentimental.  I don’t think  there is anything soap opera like about it, soap operas often lack strong characters and good acting.  I’ll greatly miss this show, I can’t believe it will be over this year.