The Danish Girl

I loved  the book  and it was great to see that the main characters translated so well on the big screen, something that rarely happens. Alicia Vikander and Eddie Redmayne shine in this movie. They both did  a stunning acting job, I don’t agree with most critics that Alicia Vikander outshines him.  There was so much sincerity in his performance, every line delivered, every gesture was genuine. The same thing can be said of the swedish actress Alicia Vikander.  I hope both of them win an Oscar for their performances.





Gustavo Santaolalla

Compositor argentino y uno de mis favoritos.  Compuso la banda sonora de Diarios de Motocicleta, una de mis películas favoritas.







Sucky 2015

I take reality over  being a Pollyanna anyday.  I am not  one to sugar coat things, I like being direct. If something is wonderful I’ll say it, if it’s otherwise I’ll say it as well.  Personally this year has been awful,  it is definately a year that I’d really like to forget.  I won’t go into details about my personal life in a blog, suffice to say that  Religion has played a major role in my drifting apart from certain people, especially family members.   I have been drifting apart from Christianity for many years, but  it wasn’t until this year that I finally came to the conclusion that I don’t need religion nor do I need to believe in a Christian God in order to have faith and be a good person.  This awaking has been the only positive aspect of 2015.  I have nothing against those who believe and feel religion is central to their lives.  I am ONLY against the religious fanatics who feel the need to shove their belief system down other people’s throats .  I welcome advice but I don’t tolerate others telling me how I should live my life or what I should believe in.  Having problematic neighbors has been the worst thing that happened in 2015.  People who take pleasure  in  making loud and excessive noise day and night are worthless to me. I consider such people  garbage, a waste of time and space and with serious psychological problems.  I’m too young to be stuck where I am and too old to deal with shitheads who have nothing better in life than to bother others.   It would be nice if 2016 turns out to be better.  I’m not in the holiday spirit this year but Happy New Year to anyone reading this.



Family isn’t always thicker than water.  Now that I’m older I realize that just because someone is related to me that doesn’t mean I have to like them, tolerate their negativity  or even love them. I always felt so guilty for not getting along with certain people in the family that I ended up  emotionally exhausted in the process  of trying  to “get along”. Many times so called relatives are the first ones to  turn their backs when you need their help. Nonetheless, they are first in line to pass judgement and criticize. I don’t ascribe to “family is family no matter what” belief. Family or NOT I don’t want toxic people in my life and I have NO PROBLEMS with eliminating such people from my life.


Winona Ryder

In the early 90’s she was my favorite actress.  I use to be elated when people use to tell me I resembled her.  I loved her  in Heathers, 1969, Great Balls of Fire, Mermaids, Welcome Home Roxy Carmichael, Edward Scissorhands, Bram Stocker’s Dracula, The Age of Innocence, The House of the Spirits and Little Women.  I hated the movies Reality Bites and the Crucible. Sometime  after Little Women I stopped following her career. Now that she’s much older she seems to be making good choices once again.  I still find her talented and incredibly beautiful.


Isabel Allende – La Casa de los Espíritus

Mi libro favorito de todos los tiempos.  El libro relata la historia de la familia Trueba  desde fines del siglo 19 hasta el sangriento dia del Golpe Militar en 1973 que derrocó el gobierno de Salvador Allende. Mi personaje  favorito es Clara Clarividente. Esteban Trueba es un déspota machista, pero son las mujeres espléndidas de su entorno las que llevan la rienda de la familia, comenzando con su esposa Clara. Alba representa los dos mundos que definen a América Latina, el mundo heredado de los conquistadores y el mundo de los conquistados. El círculo de venganza culminará cuando Alba en carne propia paga por los errores de su abuelo al ser arrestada y torturada, errores que Esteban Trueba comenzó a sembrar desde que violó sin piedad a Pancha Garcia entre los matorrales del río.  Isabel Allende comienza a trazar en su libro no solo la historia de Chile sino la de todo un continente. Un continente que ha sido lacerado y maltratado desde sus cimientos en la época colonial. Un continente que aún en pleno siglo 21 se encuentra en la búsqueda de su propia identidad.

La versión cinematográfica fue llevada al cine en 1993, a mi me gusto mucho pero concuerdo con los que criticaron el hecho de dejar fuera personajes claves como los gemelos, Alba y Miguel. Fue filmada entre  Portugal (Alentejo y Lisboa) y Dinamarca. Preciosos los paisajes que utilizaron, pero hubiese preferido que la hubieran filmado en América Latina.  Lo que mas me gusto de la película fue la actuación de Meryl Streep como Clara y la de Winona Ryder como Blanca.  Lo ideal para un libro tan abarcador es  una miniserie. Me gustaria verla en la pantalla chica pero con actores Latinoamericanos.

Van Morrison

One of my all time favorite singers.  I fell in love with his music from the time I was a kid. My brother use to listen to the song “Into the Mystic” over and over and that song is now one of my all time favorites. He’s music is full of heart and soul.