Why I Don’t Celebrate Thanksgiving


It has nothing to do with me being vegetarian. As far as I’m concerned my ancestors did not come over on the mayflower nor were they pilgrims.  My ancestors came from Spain and Italy . Quite frankly I don’t feel like celebrating something that I know did NOT happen according to the story. If anything Native Americans were Brutally treated by most of the new settlers. Another reason is I’m not a Christian and also because most Latin American countries don’t celebrate this day.  I don’t think one needs a specific day to thank Life, God, or whatever you happen to believe in. Gratitude towards your God, nature, etc. should be everyday.




Pablo Neruda – Desnuda

Desnuda eres tan simple como una de tus manos:
lisa, terrestre, mínima, redonda, transparente.
Tienes líneas de luna, caminos de manzana.
Desnuda eres delgada como el trigo desnudo.
Desnuda eres azul como la noche en Cuba:
tienes enredaderas y estrellas en el pelo.
Desnuda eres redonda y amarilla
como el verano en una iglesia de oro.
Desnuda eres pequeña como una de tus uñas:
curva, sutil, rosada hasta que nace el día
y te metes en el subterráneo del mundo
como en un largo túnel de trajes y trabajos:
tu claridad se apaga, se viste, se deshoja
y otra vez vuelve a ser una mano desnuda.
Pablo Neruda

Artificial Insemination

An option that is often used by infertile couples whose IVF treatments have failed or by gay women who wish to be parents. Nonetheless, in the last two decades it seems that it has also become an option for financially secured single professional heterosexual women in their 30’s and 40’s who feel they are ready to be mothers.  I see nothing wrong with a single woman who is financially and emotionally ready to be a parent and feels she can provide that child with a proper upbringing.  It is not easy being a parent, let alone a single one, but there are plenty of parents out there that by choice or not or due to life circumstances have raised children alone and have done fantastic jobs. My aunt and my godfather are living proof of that. Let’s be realistic not everyone is meant to find that so called Mr or Mrs. “Right”. He or she  may or may not around the corner and I see that as No Reason ( Not a valid one)  as to give up one’s dream of having a child.  As long as one is financially and emotionally established I see it as a perfectly good  venue to realize the dream of motherhood. I myself would consider it if  I feel I am ready to be a mother and the “right” person has not come along. I  WILL NOT give up my dream of having a child simply because So called “Mr Right” hasn’t shown up on time or may not show up at all.

Funniest Baby Ever 12



Bernie Sanders

I have never been interested in politics nor do I affiliate myself with a particular party.  However, I really like Bernie Sanders and what he stands for.  His simple approach and the fact that he’s an outsider makes him more endearing.  Currently he is senator for the beautiful state of Vermont. A state I Love and lived in for a little over a year.  He may not win (according to most political analyst NOT Me) but he certainly won me over. 🙂


James Taylor

I absolutely adore James Taylor and his music. I grew up with his music and it amazes me how he was able to turn his life around and remain humble after all of his success. Carly Simon and him made a beautiful couple, it’s a shame they didn’t last.

The Simple Things in Life

Simple things, the little things in life are the ones that mostly matter to me. In an ever increasing materialistic world of Kardashians wannabes we often lose sight of how much pleasure we can gain from the small/simple things in life. I guess for today’s standards I am old fashion or over the hill when I tell people I am not seeking wealth or to have lots material possessions. Being 30 something has made me take stock of what’s important and what’s not. I WANT to leave the craziness of the city I live in. The noise and the constant rush of people is seriously beginning to get on my nerves. I WANT to own a small business of health foods, keep learning about nutrition and live someplace where green spaces are more abundant. Simple things like drinking tea, drinking a delicious cup of coffee and reading books are things I love and bring me the greatest of pleasures.