The X Files – Mulder & Scully

I’m not into Science Fiction, but The X Files was a brainy TV show that caught my attention when I was very young because it was smart (at least the first five seasons it was)  and the relationship/chemistry between the main characters was electrifying. If soulmates really do exist,  Mulder and Scully are the closest thing I’ve ever seen to it. Fictional or not, I’ve never seen two people so attuned as they are. They read each other’s thoughts, they speak with their eyes, finish each other’s sentences and were the best of friends and colleagues before they became romantically involved later on. They are the very definition of what TRUE LOVE is.

I was very surprise to learn that the actors who portray these wonderful characters apparently never got along during the shows run. I can easily understand how spending too much time with someone can drive you crazy to the point you’ll have tension, but Hate is too strong a word and if indeed they did “hate” each other something desagreable must have happened between them. As handsome as Duchovny is I always got the feeling he was an arrogant guy and prone to bad moods and I’m also not surprise to learn Ms. Anderson is nothing like her character Dana Scully. I’m more drawn to her character of Dana Scully than Gillian Anderson herself. Outside the X-Files I don’t follow their careers and could careless if they are friends, hate or love each other. At least they have great chemistry as Mulder and Scully.







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