Being Hispanic American in the US

For those people that think that ALL Hispanics are the Same please Rethink and see people  as individuals.  That is one thing I HATE about most Americans (Not ALL but most) they  think that Hispanics are ALL THE SAME. It’s like they can’t see past south of the border. First of all, WE ARE NOT ALL MEXICANS and there is a HUGE difference between being Latin American and being a Hispanic American.  I’m appalled  at the way Hispanic Americans are represented in the United States. Jennifer Lopez is NOT Puerto Rican and she Doesn’t Represent the Puerto Rican culture or what it truly means to be Latin American. Even Ricky Martin born and bred in Puerto Rico Doesn’t represent most of us.  What these celebrities represent or sell is the commercial aspect of what it means to be Latino or Latina ( a term I Despise) in the US.  We are not all into Hip Hop or Rap, we speak Spanish Not “Mexican” and we don’t all speak Spanglish. I consider myself Latin American and I ALWAYS will! It bothers me that most Americans black or white think that Hispanics are either JLO, Ricky Martin or Pitbull type. You’d be amaze at the things you’ll learn from taking people as individuals instead of making assumptions because of their race or background, this would be the equivalent of me thinking that ALL Southerners are racist and live in trailers. Most of All NOT All of US come from low income families nor big families and my family certainly isn’t Lazy and we never lived off public assistance programs.

Be open minded and get your head out of your arse for once and discover the different types of foods, music and culture other countries of Latin America have to offer.  We are ALL Human Beings but we are NOT all the same. ENOUGH WITH THE STUPID STEREOTYPES! 


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