Morality versus Religion

I am positive that if people learn to differentiate between morality and religion this world would be more tolerant and a far better place than what it is.  Leading a good life, having morals and knowing good from evil has NOTHING to do with being religious.  More often than not “religious” fanatics use Religion to justify their bad deeds. Who came up with the Outrageous Claim that No matter how much you “Sin” if you pray and ask for “forgiveness” then you will have a place assured in Heaven?! Sounds like a cheap excuse to get away with doing bad things. I have only known a few people throughout my life who have Faith ( By Faith I mean Catholic/Christianity) and truly embody what it is to be a good person and who follow the scriptures because they are genuinely caring and loving people. I’ve heard  religious fanatics say that no matter how good a  person is and no matter how much they help if they don’t have faith in a Christian God they will go to Hell. So much for Altruism!  On the other hand, if you are a Sinner and if you “repent”  then you will go to Heaven. In most cases these so called “born again” people seem to use this as an excuse to  pass judgement and feel superior to others who differ in their believes.  Being  a good person, doing Good because I want to and Not because I have to is what matters to me even if in the eyes of religious zealous that means going to Hell.  Stop judging those Who think different from you and Spend more time doing good on earth instead of worrying about a so called “afterlife”.





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