Drama Queens

You gotta Love people who LOVE Drama only to stay relevant. Why are people so enamored of Reality Trash TV??! Why do the CacaDashians (pun intended Caca means Shit in Spanish)  have more followers than the Pope?! My bad I forgot More Than Ever Shit  REALLY DOES SELL!!  



A Tree Grows in Brooklyn



I love this book. I love Francie Nolan because she’s not your typical blond blue eye beauty. She is REAL, growing up in an impoverished family in early 1900’s Williamsburg Brooklyn, she  learns at a very young age the hardships of life. Nonetheless, that is no reason for her to not find happiness in the unlikeliest places. Deep down she always knew Neeley her younger brother, was Katie’s favorite. But unlike her mother, dad Johnny Nolan  always had time for her and would stay up at night sometimes talking to her. I cried so much when her dad died, never again would she hear him coming up the Steps singing “Molly Malone”. Francie is an inspirational character and that tree had a particular meaning for her, one which I won’t give away here.  It’s a wonderful book and it comes HIGHLY recommended. Also Brooklyn is my Home!!! 🙂





Beautiful Music

Ever heard a piece of beautiful music that just makes you stop in your tracks and just listen to the song because it sounds as if Angels were singing? I got goosebumps when I first heard these two tracks. One by Vangelis “La Petite Fille De la Mer” and the second one was featured in a videogame called There Came an Echo . The track is by Big Giant Circles (feat. Ashly Burch & Malukah) and is called Outside the Realm.  

Music indeed is the Universal Language.


Reading Is “Boring”

I die a little inside everytime I hear someone say that reading is Only for Nerds or is the most boring thing on earth. Last person who told me this I said “You must be the most boring and unimaginative person alive!”.  Seriously, WTF is wrong with people! How can Anyone NOT love something as liberating and wonderful as reading a book.  And we ask ourselves why the world is the way it is?!  I swear I think Technology has rendered people more Stupid with the Passage of time instead of the opposite.  #allreadersunite



A quien le dedico la eternidad?

Preciosa serie Argentino/Española que trata sobre la inmigración de un asturiano a Buenos Aires antes de la guerra civil del 1936 en España. Una guerra civil que forzo a muchos a dejar su terruño ( entre ellos estaban mis abuelos paternos y NO ERAN Rojos, simplemente no querían vivir bajo un dictador).  José Olaya, o Ernesto como se llama en Argentina (tomó el lugar de su hermano que murió y era el que iba a emigrar)  al  llegar a su país luego de una larga ausencia, desea morir porque se siente solo pero su segunda esposa se le aparece y le pide que no haga eso. Que a pesar de todo lo sufrido, toda la amargura le queda mucho por vivir, que no se cierre a la vida, que permita que sus hijos y sus nietos lo conozcan. Que NO TODO ESTÁ PERDIDO!

La experiencia de ese horrible huracán me a enseñado muchas cosas en tan corto tiempo. Me ha hecho comprender cuánto deseo dejar el lugar/pais que vivo actualmente, que la vida es muy corta y NO TODO debe ser el trabajo y sobretodo La hipocresía/falsedad de mucha gente y quien DE VERDAD le Importo.