Baby Movies

Here are some of my favorite baby movies from the 80’s. I really miss that decade. I wish I had been a teen or a young adult in those days instead  of a baby or young tod.


El Amante Japonés/ The Japanese Lover


Que pasa Isabel??? que paso con Chile??! que paso con el realismo mágico que lanzó su carrera con la Casa de los Espiritus?! Si no hubiese sido por los aburridos personajes de Irina Bazili y Seth Belasco le hubiera dado 5 estrellas. Por Qué No se concentro totalmente en la historia de Alma Belasco y Ichimei Fukuda??! Se que lleva años en EEUU, pero porque ahora casi todos sus personajes tienen que ser Gringos y las historias en California???! No me gusta esta nueva forma de escribir de ella. Siento que ha perdido su esencia. El libro está bien escrito y si Hubiese sido SOLO las historias de Alma y Ichimei hubiera sido un libro fabuloso, pero para mi no lo es.

The Dark Side of Social Media

What is an “influencer”?! Never heard of such a thing and I don’t care how “highly a profitable career” it may be it sounds so shallow. Attack me all you want but I find Most (Read Carefully I said Most Not all) fashion blogs shallow and superficial.  I’m more than glad I don’t have Instagram or Twitter (never had this one but heard it’s just as bad). I closed instagram a while back, it’s such a TOXIC place now, Totalitarianism at its best!!! No one can give an opinion even a respectful one bc most will rip your head off if they could with their vile toxic waste of replies. Sad that most people close their accounts or are afraid to give an opinion for fear of getting hate. Big brother is watching indeed!!!

I like the comment on this article : “Vomiting life on social media is the new trend….For me, it is all about sickness and vulgarity. I was taught privacy is privacy…And frankly speaking, I do not care what my friends did yesterday, their new jacket, pair of shoes….I am focused on the real world….real emotion…..I have no time to spend on virtuality”.


Word to the wise.  For the record I don’t hate all social media. I don’t find blogging as competitive or toxic as FB, Twitter, Tumblr or Instagram.

Natalie Merchant

One of my all time favorite female musicians.  I love her music since the early 90’s plus she bears a striking resemblance to my dearly departed mother, especially in the fist picture. Eerie enough like my biological mother Natalie is of Italian and Irish ancestry (her paternal last name is Mercante but her grandfather americanized it when he arrived in America).



The Great American Read

These 5 made the list of The Great American Read. However, I’m appalled by the fact that the Trash of 50 Shades of Crap made the list and so did Twightight.  Just because a book sells well doesn’t make it readable or good and such is the case with these crappy books. It’s cheap literature among many greats and I feel like it’s a slap in the face to include such GARBAGE among classics like A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Jane Eyre, War & Peace, among others.


The X Files – The End of an Era…


And the Ultimate Betrayal. 

The monologue From Season 8, Ep. 20, Essence

“We call it the miracle of life, conceptionA union of perfect opposites, essence transforming into existence. An act without which mankind would not exist, and humanity cease to exist. Or is this just nostalgia now? An act of biology commandeered by modern science and technology. Godlike, we extract, implant, inseminate, and we clone. But has our ingenuity rendered the miracle into a simple trick? In the artifice of replicating life can we become the creator? Then what of the soul? Can it too be replicated? Does it live in this matter we call DNA? Or is its placement the opposite of artifice, capable only by God? How did this child come to be? What set its heart beating? Is it the product of a union? Or the work of a divine hand, an unanswered prayer, a true miracle? Or is it a wonder of technology, the intervention of other hands? What do I tell this child about to be born? What do I tell Scully? What do I tell myself?”

For over a decade and half Devious and Mean Spirited Chris Carter had us Believe and Fooled into thinking William was the product of the Union between our beloved couple, Mulder and Scully.  Well It Wasn’t!!! It was Revealed During the Final Season that CSM SOB is the biological Father of William. Yes, Scully is the biological mother and she was allegedly Medically raped and impregnated by CSM to create the first Super Human child, and to know what an Utter Disaster William turned out to be makes matters even worse. The Fact is that a lot if US Fans felt Betrayed, Cheated, like the rug was pulled from under us. How do you explain now that Mulder and Scully in their 50’s will have their First Biological child after all the Hell she has been through??????! I don’t mind the pregnancy, nor the age (albeit mid 50’s for me is pretty late). Nonetheless, it all felt so rushed, as if they couldn’t think of a better ending.  Had Scully become pregnant in S10 I would have been happy because we might have had a chance to see her as a mother, but now that Gillian Anderson made it clear she’s Not coming back there is no point in rejoicing. We deserved a better ending, Mulder & Scully deserved a better ending most of all.




This article Explains in brutal detail How delusioned Most fans are. How Deeply disappointed we feel (Most of all the Mistreatment of such an iconic female character like Scully is Appalling) especially now that Gillian is not coming back.

Moving Far Away

My desire to Move Away, FAR FAR AWAY is So Strong, that is why I picked Seattle as a place to settle down. I’m tired of NYC, I’m also tired of Puerto Rico which is why I have Zero plans to go there anytime soon. I want a Fresh Start, where No One Knows me, A New Beginning. Why Seattle?  I don’t really know, I just want to be somewhere beautiful, filled with nature and above all a Place Not in the East  Coast.  I’m applying for a ton of jobs there and  if that doesn’t pan out I’ll apply to graduate school there. Time to Move ON!!! Seattle Sooner then Later I’ll be Seeing you!