Moving Far Away

My desire to Move Away, FAR FAR AWAY is So Strong, that is why I picked Seattle as a place to settle down. I’m tired of NYC, I’m also tired of Puerto Rico which is why I have Zero plans to go there anytime soon. I want a Fresh Start, where No One Knows me, A New Beginning. Why Seattle?  I don’t really know, I just want to be somewhere beautiful, filled with nature and above all a Place Not in the East  Coast.  I’m applying for a ton of jobs there and  if that doesn’t pan out I’ll apply to graduate school there. Time to Move ON!!! Seattle Sooner then Later I’ll be Seeing you! 


Goodbye New York

As much as I love this city I can’t, I just Can’t see myself living here Anymore. The gentrification is so out of hand, the ever crowded streets and trains, the rude people and above all the EVER Increasing cost of living. I can’t  take it anymore. I am applying to jobs specifically in one city and that City is ??



I don’t care if it’s rains a lot, it is still 23% cheaper than NYC and there is more nature close by, plus it’s close to Vancouver BC.


Why I closed Instagram

After almost 2 1/2 years I PERMANENTLY closed Instagram. A place that started out great but now has turned into what I call the Nazi of Social Media because ANY Opinion you give, no matter how respectful you are, they come after you like Bats from Hell. It’s Creepy and Sad at the same time that the VAST Majority of people with common sense are attacked and pressured until they get to the point I got today, closing the account.  I’m not saying all people on Instagram are like this, not everyone there is psycho, but those that follow fan sites, especially celebrities, are One step close to the Nut house. You literally Cannot give An honest opinion about a celebrity because the majority of  replies will be downright Nasty and overwhelmingly Negative. Even in book accounts I  found having to defend myself. What the Hell happen to people having their Own Opinions and expressing it without the fear of being disliked or worse Attacked in vile ways!!  Hence why after almost three years (would have been 3 years in August) I decided that for my own sanity I needed to close it FOR Good and Not look back.

I agree with this girl in this article : “Instagram is inauthentic and makes me compare my life to others, which I don’t like. I think it forces us to look at our lives as a snapshot and equate our worth to likes. It lacks depth.”   

This other article also gives valid reasons for closing the account.


Almost Famous (movie)

This movie is by Cameron Crowe. The same guy that gave us the wonderful LLoyd Dobler playing In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel for the girl  he loved, Diane Court. I don’t care for the movie he is most known for, Jerry Maguire. Nonetheless, I LOVE Almost Famous and Say Anything. I was a teen when this movie came out and I immediately bought the soundtrack which only deepened my love for classic 60’s and 70’s rock. Say Anything Also has an amazing soundtrack.

Cobra Kai (based on The Original Karate Kid)

This series looks good and it is. Sadly I have only seen two episodes because the shitty YT Red won’t make the other episodes available. My favorite Karate Kid is the original one from 1984. Love the acting, the music and ofc Ralph Macchio. 😉

UPDATE: I saw the rest of the episodes on another streaming site and it is One Incredible series. I’m looking forward to Season 2 coming out  sometime next year. Ahh! Such a long wait. :/